Buxton, North Carolina

Buxton swells in population every surf fishing season when the spring weather brings the promise of good fishing at and around "The Point" as it's called by anglers. From that spring day on, Buxton remains a fairly active place until the first real sustained cold weather in early January that sends the fish to warmer southern waters. Buxton's economy is virtually based on the seasonal tourism that our local surf fishing and its associated visitors provide the area.

When you cruise through Buxton the first time at the posted speed limit of 25 mph you can't help but begin to realize that you have come to a unique and very special place with such a rich Early American History that the area just seems to want to share it with you. As one of the most family friendly towns on the Outer Banks, Buxton has several motels and many beautiful rental homes for beach oriented vacationers. It is also a popular destination among day-trippers as well with driving tours of the Outer Banks almost always including a visit to the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse located on Lighthouse Rd. off NC Hwy 12 in Buxton.

Buxton NC Rental Homes

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse in Buxton NC
Cape Hatteras Light House in Buxton NC

Hatteras Lighthouse

Visit the famous Cape Hatteras Lighthouse and National Park Service facility to learn about its history and climb its stairs.
Free NCDOT ferry to Ocracoke NC.
Sea Gull on Free NCDOT ferry to Ocracoke NC.

Ocracoke Ferry

Enjoy a fun day trip across Hatteras Inlet to Ocracoke Island aboard one of our free ferries.
New Ford truck driving on beach at the Buxton NC NPS National Seashore.
Young man hold up fish caught in Buxton NC National Seashore.

National Seashore

Learn more about Buxton traditions of great fishing, sun and relaxation. The plants, wildlife, and people who live here adapt continually.
Fessenden Center located in Buxton NC
Fessenden Center located in Buxton NC

Fessenden Center

The Fessenden Center serves Dare County as a multi-generational facility for young and old alike (including family fitness activities).

Buxton Beach Activities

Buxton has a long standing tradition of providing vacationers access to our sand beaches either by foot or with a four wheel drive vehicle. Although beach access on the Cape Hatteras National Seashore is strictly supervised and regulated by the National Park Service, there is still several access points to Hatteras Island beaches that continue to remain available. The entire family can enjoy activities like fishing, horseback riding, walking, kite flying, shell hunting, picnicking, sand art, sunbathing, beach fires and more.

Some beach activities like weddings, fishing tournaments, commercial fishing, bike tours, marathons, car rallies, and ORV access require permits and/or reservations. You can study NPS regulations as well as everything you need to know about NPS Permits and Reservations on the National Park Service website.

Buxton NC Rental Homes
Buxton NC Rental Homes
Buxton NC Rental Homes
Buxton NC Rental Homes